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Woo is about taking care.
We care about and create furniture using only natural materials.A ‘woo thing’ begins where minimalist aesthetics meets excellent craftsmanship.We are obsessed with quality, and want our clients to get the best. We pay attention to practicality and ergonomics, because we know that a beautiful chair is a one convenient to sit on.



We don’t believe in fashion.
We create modern furniture to last.


Dmitry Kozinenko
I perceive design as a harmonic balance between two approaches in creation of products. On the one hand, an item is created for a person and should serve him/her without causing any difficulties or dissatisfaction, on the other

the process of its creation is an art and involves intellectual search, an expression of a certain idea through the perspective of one`s own inner world. Consequently, we can observe a designer masterpiece, noticing an imprint of its creator’s personality. Every piece of furniture is considered to be a unique and outstanding invention made by the distinguishable manner of our designers. Along with that, it is definitely a huge responsibility. Just a form, texture or color is not enough, everything should have sense. That is why, every time I do my best to give the unique character and idea to the every new item I am working on.

Lugerin Igor

I focused on natural materials – wood, stone, metal. I appreciate and  apply to my work a combination of traditional craft and modern technologies. Minimalistic forms and functionality of the WOO make it a thriving alternative for both living and public spaces. Besides, the furniture we create will be in the service for ages witnessing all the life stages together with its owners.

Materials and technologies

A WOO product is always a fancy combination of manual work and high-tech manufacturing.